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Principles & Values

Our Staff comes from different backgrounds and our meticulous and high standards assure that we only work under strict guidelines and morals where helping others is the priority.

How We Are Different

What sets us aside from our competitors is our capability to deliver a prominent client experience, understanding of our clients’ businesses and enterprises, and our roster of highly skillful counselors. We stand by our clients and observe things from their perspective.

Global Coverage

Claim Central is actively connected with legal branches in more than 10 countries which is an advantage when dealing with foreign jurisdictions


We are a law firm that converges its practice on complex business litigation.  On the litigation side, we represent individuals, organizations, corporations and other business entities in a diverse array of complicated disputes. Our attorneys have vast expertise in negotiating and in suits, appeals and other stages of litigation at all levels.

Our practice area is interconnected, providing us unique sceneries that benefit all our clients. Our partners take a hands-on procedure to each representation, being actively committed throughout the matter while teaming with associates for supplementary assistance as appropriate. For every representation, we adapt our practice and abilities in a matter-specific and cost-effective manner. Our procedure enables us to staff affairs leanly and, first and foremost, guarantees that our clients receive the most distinguished quality assistance. We offer very competing rates and adaptable fee arrangements. We use cutting-edge technology to decrease costs and improve productivity.

We have sufficient resources to manage intricate and time-consuming matters efficiently, and we can field a team where the matter warrants it. We are also practical counselors who investigate solutions to get the deal arranged or to dodge litigation.

We are gratified to announce that as part of our continuous efforts to ensure secure and trustworthy service to our clients, during the Spring of 2016 Claim Central became ISO 27001 certified. In 2017, the firm was recertified.

This means our operations have been assessed and approved by an independent third-party audit as compliant with the criteria and guidelines of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

We have executed this exceptional step as part of our disciplined approach to distinction in the practice of law and as a result of the seriousness with which we take our obligations to preserve our clients’ affairs, including in the realm of data technology, security, confidentiality, and integrity.

Claim Central is committed to preserving the solitude and integrity of our client information and we will continue to adopt the best practices to make sure that information remains unharmed.

We are Claim Central. The firm that entities trust with their most intricate legal affairs.


Our People in Focus

Jacob K. Reid

Jacob K. Reid

Canada, Senior Partner

Patricia F. Hamilton

Canada, Senior Partner

James Newton

Canada, Founder, Partner